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January 15, 2012


Susan G

My thoughts are with you guys. Opie's parents sure were a handsome couple!!!

burnt offerings

thank you all for your condolences and comments.


My deepest sympathy to you both.

Penny A

I can see both of them in O - I was sorry to hear if your loss (it does help to know that she is at peace). Love you, both!

Dawn Nelson

Beautiful picture of your folks. I am looking forward to your next chapter.

Denise B~

Great pic! My thoughts are with you.

Jen Crossley

Deepest Sympathy to you both .It is a beautiful photo.


So sorry about your to you both.

Michelle Bernard

My deepest sympathy for your losses, darlings. Glad to hear though that you are re-examining your priorities and that they are leaning towards an even more artful life. Hugs, xoxo

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