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August 10, 2011


carolyne morrison

I keep hoping that I could replace my PC laptop with an Ipad.....trying to force the IPad to be something more then it is! Looking hard for a good excuse to buy one. I love what you're doing with yours with the Sketch Club and I too like the low resolution photos. I think it makes them more interesting and allows room for more altering. I look forward to seeing more of what you do with your IPad on your blog.

linda & opie

hi carolyne, i'm not sure if it could replace your laptop entirely, especially if that's your main PC, but i do know that you can write/create presentations, articles, newsletters, etc. and even add pictures in an app called Pages and then transfer things back and forth, in another app called Dropbox to and from your PC.
i only use my iPad 2 for drawing and sketching and i actually love its low-resolution (aka crappy)camera, because i enjoy altering photos anyway, but i need my PC to manage our blog and etsy shop, resize photos taken with other cameras while traveling, and scanning artwork into it(so i personally could not live without my scanner and PC for those things) but i have friends not into sketching/drawing who use the additional keyboard and actually work from their iPad and create newsletters, presentations, articles, etc.
hope this little bit of info is helpful ~ l

carolyne morrison

So sorry to read on your blog that you had such a tough bout with salmonella and am so glad you're better.
I have recently fallen in love with the IPad 2 and didn't even know about Sketchpad. I don't know anyone who has one to ask but wondered if the IPad could replace my laptop especially with the additional keyboard. My laptop is an old PC clunker.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

linda & opie

and we miss you too girl! just heard/read about atlas - soooo very sorry. sending huge hugs and oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!


Glad to hear you are salmonella free! Yay! whoopee!!!
Miss you both.

linda & opie

dave do check it out - you will LOVE EVERYTHING about it!

and deb are you sure there isn't a droid app for this. i know some apps have versions for both, but this is all very new to me so i really don't know.

Deb Bee

now I knew I shoulda got an IPhone instead of the droid


I have been having way too much fun with my iPhone and all the photography and graphic designs apps. I just bought an iPad this week and am just starting to play with it....Sketch Club sounds like something I need to check out!!!

linda & opie

not liking - LOVING Sketch Club - and you - for creating this amazing app and artist community...
AND then taking the time to comment on this blog!!! happy happy joy joy ;-)


yay! so glad you're liking Sketch Club!! ^_^ great to have you in the community!

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