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August 26, 2012



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linda & opie

thanks B'sue. we miss you lots too - but we're so excited about your move and new shop. we LOVE it here and our "girls" have filled our hearts with joy. once all of us are settled, perhaps in the spring, you and shelly will come for a weekend visit. we'd love to see you both... oxoxo


I didn't know about Angel and Angelus. I feel heavy in my heart. So much loss for you but so much that's good and new and reborn, too. Life without kitties is empty indeed, I have my two bad boys and they miss us now that we are no longer at the house (I have a bldg downtown now and a shop soon to open). Evie pined and lost 7 pounds, but then...he was huge. He is a good healthy weight now, and all is well. And all is well with the two you, too. I think of you often with love and fondness. Be well and happy. XOXO B'sue

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