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March 30, 2012


burnt offerings

thank you for your well-wishes sandra. we're sure we'll meet again down one creative path or another!

Sandra L.

Linda and Opie: I wish you peace and joy in your new life. I was so sorry to hear about your son's passing.

I hope to see you again at another art retreat! Until then, stay well--


linda & opie

thank you pam - what a beautiful sentiment. we always have THE most wonderful time teaching in PV!


Two of my favorite people who gave me one of my life's best moments in Puerto Vallarta, I pray for peace and happiness in this new chapter of your lives.

linda & opie

thank you sweets -- we love you too!

Brenda Sue

XOXO a door shuts....a window you both, B'sue

Lise Peeples

Dear ones, reading this gave me goosebumps, I am so excited and happy for you.
blessings, Lise

donna joy

Look forward to seeing the progress of your new space-and new chapter in your lives

linda & opie

thank you Judi. we are over-the-moon with happiness!

Judi D.

I am so full of joy for you! This is a perfect place and just what you need after the pain and loss of this year. Live well and enjoy it!

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